The production is done as closely as possible to the sites of harvest of raw materials.
Thus, our distillation and extraction unit of bitter orange flower is situated in Nabeul, at the heart of the Cap Bon region where the cultivation of bitter orange trees is concentrated.

Our factory is one of the oldest distillation units in Tunisia. Its dates back to 1903 and ran into numerous expansions over the years.  In 2014, a new extraction unit was inaugurated and enabled to double the production capacity.

Rosemary and myrtle are produced directly on mobile alembics in the harvest sites. In fact, in order to preserve the natural groundwater, the cropped regions are not the same from one year to the other.
Our aromatic and medicinal plants are dried in our sites of Ben Arous, Mornag or Sfax by different processes depending on the plant nature, the harvest period and the optimal conservation of the plant active principles.

The different drying methods are : natural drying under the sun or in ovens and microwaves. Once dried, our products could be cut or grounded