Pay attention to client relationships

Listening to client’s expectations is a priority, in order to properly identify their needs and offer the products that better meet their requirements. It is also the basis of a long-lasting relationship.

The respect of our commitments

For us, the respect of our commitments towards our clients in terms of quality and price is more than a value, it’s a duty.

The loyalty and the transparency

If we can mention two values that guide us every day, they are loyalty and transparency. They are both found in our relationships with our suppliers, our clients and our employees.

Integrity and ethics

Our purchasing policy is based integrity and ethics to ensure a long-lasting relationships with our suppliers. We support our suppliers to meet the quality requirements in the processing of raw materials.


The respect of environment

We encourage our suppliers to adopt environment friendly practices in particular to reduce the use of phytosanitary products.

Performance and innovation

Performance and innovation are fundamental values that push us to continuously improve ourselves. Innovation is the result of the R&D and also the creativity of all the staff which is stimulated through the system of innovation management.